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J.M.Taylor B.Sc. M.Inst.P. MTA

If you’re looking for a maths or physics tutor who can provide you with one to one tuition for someone taking GCSE, A levels or just looking to self improve, look no further! I am an accredited private tutor with many years of experience and have been offering my services as a tutor since 2007


All About Me

Delivering Exceptional Service to Students

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How it works

"Examinations are formidable - even for the best prepared - for the greatest fool may ask more than the wisest man can answer"
Charles Caleb Colton (1780-1832).
Clergyman, author, gambler, sportsman and wine-merchant.​"

I just love teaching and sharing the pleasures of Mathematics and Physics - but the main objective is to get the student through exams with the highest possible marks - this means a lot of hard work on both our parts. Potential students should be aware that I ask them to work very hard. This is especially relevant now GCSE and A level specifications have changed and examinations have become even more challenging.
I believe that if there is a wish to learn then this is half done and with that comes self-confidence - this is the main problem students have with the learning process.
The student can have as much time as is necessary to tackle any problems he/she may have. Sometimes this amount of time is not possible in a school or college environment.
I encourage constant feedback from the student, school and parents so I can focus on individual needs. It will be hard work as I recognise that these subjects can be quite demanding -  but this means that we can discover, not only the thrill of doing well in exams but the also the satisfaction of understanding challenging concepts. 
We can also take some time to discuss exam techniques – making questions more understandable and examinations less stressful. 
Sessions are normally one or one and a half hours long but can be extended at the wishes of the student -  but anything over two hours in one go and we are both wilting!
Hopefully, my students will gain confidence in their own abilities as the lessons progress.
PS I have sometimes been asked to do specific school or college homework or assignments. I'm sorry but I believe this is unethical so please don't ask. I can still find plenty of similar exercises that should enable any homework to be satisfactorily completed.

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My qualifications and experience


I am (a very young!!) 73 and I have degrees in Physics and Mathematics both from Sussex University and, in 2013, another B.Sc., this time from the Open University. This latter qualification has helped me stay abreast of up to date teaching practice and best examination techniques.

I was an Engineer at Rolls Royce (Aero-Engines) - taking early retirement from a management post after 31 years. My work at Rolls-Royce required me to prepare and offer many courses on a wide range of subjects. The feedback from all of these was very positive (apparently I'm quite persuasive) and these helped me become a full Member of the Institute of Quality Assurance.

My interaction with the Open University means that I am up to date with the latest teaching techniques and developments in my chosen subjects and for many years I organised the annual Science Revision Weekend for students about to take their Open University science examinations.

I am a Member of the Institute of Physics, a full Member of the Tutors' Association, a past trustee and organiser of the Open University Science Revision Society and past member of the Institute of Quality Assurance (MIQA).I also have DBS clearance and am a founder Member of "The Tutor's Association" 

Over the past 13 years, I have met and tutored many young adults and received some lovely feedback and references.

I also have a wealth of lousy jokes - just to enliven things when the maths gets a bit tedious!! If that fails to impress I also have a box full of physics experiments to help with our understanding of some of the more challenging parts of the specification.

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Some student testimonials

" I just wanted to say how brilliant you are. I couldn't have gotten my grades without you. You have been so helpful every lesson and I can feel myself getting more and more confident with maths... which is a strange feeling... "      DP (Bakewell)


I would just like to say thank you for helping me achieve an incredible maths grade but also a work ethic and belief that has already helped me conquer my first year A levels.


Addressing problems....

You're not alone!

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Coping with exam stress

It is important to know that feeling some stress is normal and causes our 'fight or flight' response to kick in, which can help you perform well during their exams. However, when these nerves become unrelenting and overwhelming, this can be dangerous to health and wellbeing.

If you are worried about stress levels, check for symptoms. Are you more tired and irritable than usual? Are you missing meals. Are you spending less time doing the activities you once enjoyed? You need to take time to help manage stress so that it doesn't have a long term impact where unhealthy coping habits take hold.

  1. Talk about how you feel.

  2. Make sure you have a good balance of revision and relaxation

  3. Distract and divert your attention if you feel you are getting stressed.

  4. Find stress-busting strategies and activities

What to do following a low  exam grade

Exams can make up a large portion (or all) of your final grade so there is a certain pressure to get them right. If you've scored a low exam grade, it's really time for some self-evaluation as to why you scored low.

  1. Did you give it your best?

  2. Did you work hard enough? (Be honest with yourself)

  3. Talk to your teacher about why you struggled.

  4. Know the grading standards.

  5. Are you spending too much time on technology, online games or social media?

If you've received a low grade in a final exam, don't be too hard on yourself. Find out why and implement effective plans to either improve the grade or do better on future exams.

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Common Tutoring Queries

Some FAQs

Wondering how much my services cost or are interested in learning more about how

I work?  Find some of the answers to the questions you may have about the teaching services I provide and tutoring in general.


How much do you charge for your tutoring services?

My charge for face-to-face or Skype tuition is £40 per taught hour

 I am pleased to say that I am now offering tuition via Skype or Facetime using an shared interactive whiteboard - please contact me for further details

...but I know someone who will tutor for less!

Since I started professional home tuition some 13 years ago I've noticed that many people seem able to offer all levels of academic support, some with frighteningly basic qualifications. I saw in my local shop several  "back of envelope" adverts for tuition from numeracy to A level. To me, tuition is not just pin money or a spare time job but a means of getting willing young adults into jobs or universities of their choice, so I elect to pay for proper accreditation, insurance and up to date materials.

How do I pay you?

By BACS transfer on the day of the tutorial or just before please. With my bank closing all its local branches cheques are a pain to pay in.

Where do you hold your teaching sessions?

In the past I have asked students to come to my house in Derbyshire. Parents would be welcome to stay in our "room of calm" (no television) with Wi-Fi and free tea/coffee. As Skype/Facetime tuition is now working so well we can work remotely and this allows parents to stay at home or go to the pub!

Do you have full DBS clearance, accreditation and insurance?


I'm unsure about whether you will be suitable

Contact me by phone, email, Skype or Facetime to just have a chat There is no commitment from either of us to continue.

What happens if we can't get on with you

You sack me! There is no minimum contract.

What happens if I can't give you a total commitment to work hard both in the tutorial and with any other work you give me?

I sack you.

What happens if I can't make a tutorial - do you charge a cancellation fee?

Absolutely not, things happen and other priorities can sometimes kick in. Just let me know before the lesson. No lesson = no fee.

My son/daughter is a boarder, can you adjust your time to suit?

Of course, we can look at weekend working at times to suit.

Anything else you’d like to know? Don’t hesitate to get in touch today.

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I’m here to make the learning process easier for you. Contact me to see how my experience can help!
John Taylor

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